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The Vilas County Mapping Department accepts custom project and service requests from the public, which are completed on a first-come first-serve basis. Time to complete these requests varies depending on workload and availability; we request that you allow for a two-week turnaround for most standard project requests. Payment must be received in advance, and all checks should be made out to "Vilas County". Please see our fee schedule for pricing.

Contact Us

Tom Boettcher
County Surveyor
(715) 479-3684
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Adam Grassl
GIS Administrator/LIO
(715) 479-3790
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Tony Jones
Parcel Mapper
(715) 479-3655 x3
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Kyle Larson
Address Coordinator
(715) 479-3755
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Austin Waldvogel
GIS Analyst
(715) 479-3655 x4
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Helpful Tips

Owner Listings

In order to generate an owner listing from the "Owner Listings" mapping application, use one of the tools at the top-right of the screen. Once the tool has been executed, click the three dots in the Output tab of the tool to export a "CSV" file which can be brought into a spreadsheet program. The best practice for using this file is to import the CSV into a new text-formatted spreadsheet rather than opening the CSV directly. If the CSV is opened directly there is a chance that the spreadsheet program will interpret the computer numbers as dates and convert their format, thus making them unusable as computer numbers.

Online Mapping Website Issues

If you are experiencing problems with the Vilas County Online Mapping website or any of the maps or applications, please try these most common solutions:

Clear Cache/Temporary Files

Useful Links

Land Records

Arthur H. Robinson Map Library | State Cartographer's Office | WI Statewide Parcel Map | NGS Data Sheets | Original Public Land Survey Records | Property Tax Info | Online Name Opt-Out Info | Vilas County LandShark | WI Society of Land Surveyors


Readdressing Guide | Address Application | Road Name Request Form

Planning and Zoning

County Zoning Department | Ascent Permit Management Suite | FEMA Flood Map Service Center | NRCS Web Soil Survey


County Tourism Department | County Forstry, Recreation and Land Department | DNR Lakes | Forest Tax Law Lands Open to Public Recreation (DNR)


County Clerk's Office | County Election Information

GIS Data

SCO GIS Data | US Census Bureau TIGER Data | USGS National Map Data Download and Visualization | Wisconsin DNR GIS Data


SCO Imagery Data | WI Historic Aerial Image Finder | WisconsinView Data Portal

Mapping in the News