Geodata Hub

The Vilas County Geodata Hub is a new way to discover and download (as a shapefile) authoritative spatial datasets for Vilas County. Users can browse by category or search by keyword for the desired data; this data is updated about every two weeks, just as our map applications are. Data that pertains to Vilas County but is not a County dataset is also discoverable and links are provided. This site is still under development and new datasets and maps will be added periodically.

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Imagery Data

Using the map below, imagery from past projects can be downloaded by tile. Simply click on an area and download the desired imagery. More current imagery can be requested from the Mapping Department and is subject to standard orthophoto fees per the fee schedule.

LiDAR Data

Use the map below to download DEM tiles, or reference the tile numbers to request other LiDAR deliverables (contours, bare earth LAS or shapefile, LAS point cloud, DSM or intensity image), subject to standard LiDAR data fees per the fee schedule. Breaklines and metadata are also available for download.